JSS published many leaflets and books on many topics like snakes, lightning, intestinal disorders, black fever, malaria and even ghosts. We distributed these books and leaflets to thousands of people - most of the time without even collecting any money.   


Snakes, Snakebites and Treatments
(An extensive & painstaking survey of South 24 Parganas: 2008-2012)
Published on Nov 7, 2015 both Bengali and English versions
The books are in a complete 4 colour format and with hard covers
1. Bengali book 212 pages (Price Rs. 500)
2. English book 244 pages (Price Rs. 750)

Where you can buy the books

Snake book preview-English

Snake book preview-Bengali

Press Releases - Kolkata Press Club November 7, 2015

Press Coverages
The Hindu  Eai Samay  Kolkatar Karcha  Indian Museum Prakiti-o-Manush
A Short documentary on Snakes of Sunderbans (2005)


पॉकेट में साँप (Snakes in the pocket) (Hindi), 2023)
পকেটে সাপ (Snakes in the pocket) (Bengali), 2021
Snakebites help-line report, 2020
Snakes, Snakebites, and Treatments 2015
(An extensive & painstaking survey of S 24 Parganas: 2008-12)
Preview of both versions:
       a. Bengali Version (212 pages, color, hard cover)
       b. English Version (244 pages, color, hard cover)
Snakes of West Bengal (English - 125 pp) 2008
Snakes of Bengal (English - 125 pp) 2005
বাংলার সাপ (Snakes of Bengal) (Bengali - 34 pp) 1995
Various booklets on snakes (Bengali), 1989-98

Vinyl posters (2 'x 3') available to purchase

 Identification of Snakebites and other Animals (Bengali), 2023
Identification of Snakebites and other Animals (Bengali), 2018
Common Snakes of India (English) 2012
  (Resolutions: Low    High)
Snake map of Bengal (Bengali) 2008
Snake map of 24-Parganas (Bengali) 2002

     বাংলার সাপ (Snakes of Bengal) (Bengali), 2000

Video CD

This 23 minutes video CD discussses about the superstitions the villagers have regarding snakes and snakebites. With the help of JSS, they are now learning not to chant the Goddess of snakes or go to faith-healers, instead now they go to local hospitals and treat the snakebite victims with AVS.



JSSC Oganizational Profile - Nov 2018 - a 32-page overview of JSSC

Zero Deaths due to Snakbites 28.1.23 - a Power Point presentation of JSSC activities